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Curious And Freakish Signatures Of Well-known Bankers And Business Men

Characteristic Writing Of A Few Of The World's Best-known Literary Men And Authors

A Warning To Banks And Business Houses

Signature Experts The Safety Of The Modern Bank

Three Famous Military Men

Tampered, Erased, And Manipulated Paper

Detecting Forgery With The Microscope

Guided Handwriting And Method Used

Handwriting Analysis

Home of Forensic Handwriting

Learn about Handwriting Analysis. Read articles on forensic handwriting analysis and learn techinques to detect signature forgery. Understand the different techinques forensic experts are using and see handwriting analysis samples.

Want to learn about Handwriting Analysis? This is a free site offering articles and tips on handwriting analysis.

Science of Fingerprints

The Tented Arch

Death Notices

Technical Consideration

Essentials Of A Loop

Classification Of Scarred Patterns


The Loop

Unidentified Latent Fingerprint File