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How To Determine Age Of Any Writing

Erasures, Alterations And Additions

Forgery By Tracing

Tampered, Erased, And Manipulated Paper

Three Famous Military Men

A Famous Forgery

Guided Handwriting And Method Used

Character And Temperament Indicated By Handwriting

Handwriting Analysis

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Learn about Handwriting Analysis. Read articles on forensic handwriting analysis and learn techinques to detect signature forgery. Understand the different techinques forensic experts are using and see handwriting analysis samples.

Want to learn about Handwriting Analysis? This is a free site offering articles and tips on handwriting analysis.

Science of Fingerprints


Water-soaked Fingers

Classification Of Bandaged Or Imprinted Fingers

Filing Sequence

Chemical Development Of Latent Impressions

Fingerprinting Equipment


Problems And Practices In Fingerprinting The Dead