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Methods Of Forgers, Check And Draft Raisers

Greeley's Last Letter

Tales Told By Handwriting

Curious And Freakish Signatures Of Well-known Bankers And Business Men

How To Study Forged And Disputed Signatures

Detecting Fraud And Forgery In Papers And Documents

Character And Temperament Indicated By Handwriting

Forgery As A Profession

Handwriting Analysis

Home of Forensic Handwriting

Learn about Handwriting Analysis. Read articles on forensic handwriting analysis and learn techinques to detect signature forgery. Understand the different techinques forensic experts are using and see handwriting analysis samples.

Want to learn about Handwriting Analysis? This is a free site offering articles and tips on handwriting analysis.

Science of Fingerprints


Types Of Patterns

The Plain Arch

The Classification Formula

Water-soaked Fingers


Essentials Of A Loop

Classification Of Amputations And Fingers Missing At Birth