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If a subject has more than 10 fingers, as occasionally happens, the

thumbs and the next 4 fingers to them should be printed, and any

fingers left over should be printed on the other side of the card with

a notation made to the effect that they are extra fingers. When a

person with more than 10 fingers has an intentional amputation

performed, it is invariably the extra finger on the little finger side

which is amputated

It also happens, not infrequently, that a subject will have two or

more fingers webbed or grown together, as in figures 383 and 384,

making it impossible to roll such fingers on the inside. Such fingers

should be rolled, however, as completely as possible, and a notation

made to the effect that they are joined.

Split thumbs, i.e., thumbs having two nail joints, as in figure 385,

are classified as if the joint toward the outside of the hand were not

present. In other words the inner joint is used, and no consideration

whatever is given to the outer joint.