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The Whorl

The patterns to which numerical values are assigned in deriving the

primary in the extension of the Henry System of fingerprint

classification used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation are the

whorl-type patterns, which occur in about 30 percent of all


The whorl is that type of pattern in which at least two deltas are

present with a recurve in front in each. Figures 191 to 193 reflect

the minimum requirements for the whorl.

It is important to note that the above definition is very general;

however, this pattern may be subdivided for extension purposes in

large groups where whorls are predominant. Even though this extension

may be used, all types of whorls are grouped together under the

general classification of Whorl and are designated by the letter


The aforementioned subdivisions are as follows: The Plain Whorl, The

Central Pocket Loop, The Double Loop, and The Accidental.