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Arrangements should be made to procure a camera for taking photographs

of the persons fingerprinted. This is known as a mugging camera and

various types are on the market. It is believed that the photographs

should include a front and side view of the person. In most instances

a scale for indicating height can be made a part of the picture even

though only the upper portion of the individual photographed is taken.

Of c
urse, if the scale is used, the person photographed should be

standing even though only the upper portion of the body appears in the

photograph. The necessary lights should be provided for obtaining

photographs. A standard set of scales should be obtained in order that

the correct weight can be ascertained.

The negatives and photographs can be filed by fingerprint number in a

separate file. In those cases where the individual has more than one

arrest all the photographs can be placed in the jacket-folder number

file. The negatives, in these instances, can remain in the photograph