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The Use Of The Fingerprint Camera


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The Identification Division Of The Fbi

The Tented Arch

Jacket Folder File

Wanted Notices

All wanted notices containing fingerprints, including the wanted
notices inserted in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, should be filed
in the fingerprint file by classification formula, and the names
appearing on these wanted notices should be indexed and placed in the
name files. Concerning the small wanted notices inserted in the FBI
Law Enforcement Bulletin, a suggested procedure would be to paste each
individual notice on a blank 8- by 8-inch white card. The wanted
notices are filed by the fingerprint classification and the names
indexed and placed in the name file. When an apprehension notice is
received concerning the wanted notice, a proper notation should be
made on the name card and the wanted notice in the fingerprint file.
If these canceled wanted notices endanger the efficiency of the file,
it is suggested that the name-index card and the fingerprint-wanted
notice be destroyed. Should the bureau adopt this practice it is
suggested that the 8- by 8-inch cards be used again for other wanted
notices. In this manner it would be possible to use the blank card for
eight of these notices.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation will make available to law
enforcement agencies a special Wanted Notice form (No. 1-12) in
order that they can place wanted notices against the fingerprints in
the files of the FBI.

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