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Desiccation And Charring

Establishment Of A Local Fingerprint Identification Bureau

Permanent Disabilities

Ridge Counting

Latent Impressions

The Plain Arch

The Identification Division Of The Fbi

The Use Of The Fingerprint Camera

Fingerprint Files

Record Of Additional Arrest

It is not necessary for a bureau to send a regular fingerprint card to
the Identification Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on
individuals who have been arrested repeatedly and whose previous
records are known to the local law enforcement agency. In such cases
the Record of Additional Arrest form should be used.

Complete information must be given on this form. It is imperative that
the FBI number and the finger impressions be placed on this form. The
Identification Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation will
send no answer upon receipt of this form.

The form will be placed in the FBI number folder on the individual and
later when a regular fingerprint card is received the arrest
information from all the forms will be compiled and included on the
subject's record as supported by fingerprints.

Record of Additional Arrest forms (No. 1-1) can be obtained from the
Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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