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When an identification bureau receives prints of individuals on whom
it already has prints, it is not practical to keep more than one set
of prints per person in what may be called the active fingerprint
file. In these instances the better print should be designated a
Master print by having the word Master stamped thereon. It should
be given a number, to be known as the master number, which number
should also be placed on all other sets of prints which may be found
to be identical with the Master print. The Master print is placed
in the active files. The extra prints are placed together in a heavy
folder with their master number stamped thereon. This jacket folder is
then filed in a separate cabinet. Also, if copies of all information
regarding an individual, photographs, and FBI transcript of record are
kept in this folder, his complete record will always be assembled in
an easily accessible unit. The Master number should also be placed
on the index card and all the alias cards of the individual. Also,
each new alias and arrest number should be placed on the original
index card. The additional records are kept in folders which are
arranged in numerical order, beginning with Nos. 1, 2, 3, and so on.

1-154 ----------- GPO: 1962 OF--663475

----------- -------------------------
----------- -------------------------





A further suggestion in connection with the maintenance of this folder
file, besides the use of a separate Master numbering system, is the
use of the arrest fingerprint number. As indicated previously, each
person arrested and fingerprinted is assigned a number. This number
appears on the fingerprint card, name-index card, and photograph. The
practice of handling every new arrest fingerprint card in the bureau
should include searching the fingerprint card in the fingerprint file
to ascertain if the subject has a previous record. If the subject does
not have a previous record, a new number should be assigned. In this
connection it is noted that only one copy of the fingerprint card
should be maintained in the file by fingerprint classification. To
indicate the new arrest on the old index card, the date of the new
arrest can be shown. Whether the bureau follows the Master numbering
system or the previous arrest numbering system should make very
little difference in the ultimate purpose. All extra copies of
fingerprint cards, complete record sheets, photographs, and all
information pertaining to the individual are filed away in the folder
file. This complete record is readily accessible at all times. It will
now be found that the bureau has a complete record of each individual
who has an arrest record on file, with provision made for accurate
cross-referencing and checking between names and fingerprints.

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